Company FAQ's

Dance Programs

What are the different dance programs you offer?

We have 3 different Dance Program tracks at our studio. 1.) Recreational Track 2.) Pre-Company Track 3.) Company Track

What is the difference between the Company Program and Competition Teams?

Competition Teams are separate teams that have their own rehearsals and compete dance routines at local competitions. The Company is a group of dancers who take our "Company" weekly dance classes. Company classes are more advanced and moved at an accelerated pace. Company dancers ARE NOT required to be on competiion teams. Students must audition or be approved by the staff to be eligible to take company classes.

Is anyone eligible to take Company Classes?

No. You need to audition or be invited to take company classes.

I am a beginner dancer, but am really commited to improving my training. Which track is best for me?

If you are not quite ready for our Company track yet, but are serious about improving, we recommend our Pre-Company track! Take a look at some more info about Pre-Company here.

I was recommended to sign up for Pre-Company. Can I still audition for Company classes?

Yes! Pre-Company was just a suggestion, so if you wish to audition for Company classes you still may do so! If you are not quite ready for the Company track yet, we will still recommend starting in our Pre-Company track until your teachers feel you are ready for company track.

Is the Company Program the same thing as Competition Team?

No! They are completely seperate.

I was in Company last year. Do I have to audition again?

Yes! All dancers must re-audition for Company