ages 9 +

Dancers 6-8yrs must be approved by directors


The Pre-Company Program is designed for dancers who want to take their dancing to the next level and eventually transition into company classes and/or competition teams.  This program requires specific hours of training and an extra fee.  Consistent attendance is required to stay in the Program.  Placement in the Pre-Company Program does not require an evaluation or audition.  It is open to any students 9 years and up who want increase their training.

Pre-Company students must take at least 4 classes a week in at least 4 different styles.  One of these classes must be our Pre-Company Technique class which will be exclusive to students in this program taught by one of our Company Instructors.   Pre-Company dancers will be invited to perform in our Winter Showcase December 19th & 20th with our Company and Competition Team Dancers.  Pre-Company students will also receive an invite to attend LADM Dance Convention in January with our company dancers.  This is a weekend long workshop taught by professional dancers currently working in the industry.  Pre-Company members perform one routine in our Company Show.

Pre-Company Requirements:

*Minimum Hours:  4 classes per week in 4 different styles

*Required Styles:  Jazz , Ballet, Pre-Company Technique

*Cost:  $25 per month (this is in additional to regular monthly tuition

*Consistent Attendance and Punctuality

*Recommended to attend LADM Dance Convention in January 2020