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Dance Programs

Our dance programs cater to all students, whether they're looking for a fun after school activity or aspire to dance professionally. Our track system ensures that each dancer finds their perfect place. Join us now and unleash your dancing potential!

Recreational Program

Our Recreational Program classes are perfect for students of all ages who are seeking a fun after-school activity while also learning the fundamentals of the dance! Whether you are interested in taking just 1 class or multiple classes a week, our Rec program is the perfect place to start!


Pre-Company Program

Our Pre-Company program is designed for dancers who are passionate about improving their skills and their training quickly. Our goal is to help you prepare for the Company track in the future.

Company Program

Our Company program is tailored for Intermediate - Advanced dancers who are dedicated to taking their skills to the next level at an accelerated pace. We provide a serious and committed approach to help you improve your overall dance technique and performance.

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