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Classes in the Little Ones Show

Monday  3:00 PM  Flip Hop (4-6yrs) #6

Monday 3:45 PM Hip Hop (3-5yrs) #1

Monday  3:45 PM Intro to Dance (4-5yrs) #2

Monday  4:30 PM Hip Hop (Kindergarten) #7

Monday  4:30 PM Intro to Dance (3-4yrs) #8

Monday  5:15 PM Jazz'n Taps (Kindergarten) #13

Monday  5:30 PM Hip Hop (Kindergarten) #17

Tuesday  3:15 PM Jumpstart Acro 1 (2-3yrs) #49

Tuesday  4:00 PM Jumpstart Acro 2 (4-6yrs) #35

Tuesday 3:15 PM Hip Hop (3-5yrs) #47

Tuesday  4:15 PM Jazz'n Taps (Kindergarten) #30

Tuesday  5:00 PM Intro to Dance (4-5yrs) #31

Tuesday  5:45 PM Intro to Dance (4-6yrs) #32

Wednesday  4:00 PM Intro to Dance (Kindergarten) #50

Wednesday  4:00 PM Jumpstart Acro 1 (4-5yrs) #53

Wednesday  4:45 PM Jumpstart Acro 1 (Kindergarten) #57

Thursday 3:00 PM Flip Hop (4-6yrs) #88

Thursday 5:00 PM Pre-Ballet (Kindergarten) #89

Rehearsal Time & Location

Once your dancer is done rehearsing their routine(s) on stage, they are free to leave.

Wednesday May 29, 2024  @ 4:30pm

 Woodside High School Performing Arts Center

199 Churchill Ave

Woodside, CA 94062

Show Time & Location

Saturday June 1, 2024  @ 11:00am
& Sunday June 2, 2024  @ 11:00am

Running Show time: Approx. 60mins.  Dancers are expected to perform in BOTH shows 

Woodside High School Performing Arts Center

199 Churchill Ave

Woodside, CA 94062


If you are a brand new dance parent, or if you have a child that is very young or sensitive to certain kinds of makeup, we ask you to just try to apply what you can, and not worry about the rest.  Foundation, multiple colors of eyeshadows, and eyeliner are all more advanced makeup techniques and can be skipped until you and your child are a little more experienced.  


3-6 year olds: 

Red Lipstick, Blush, Mascara(optional) 

*Makeup is not necessary for male dancers or any other dancers who do not feel comfortable wearing it.


All hair should be neatly pulled back with Hairspray and/or Gel.

Long Hair: High Bun

Short Hair: If your child's hair is too short to pull all the way up into a bun, please pull hair into a Half Ponytail, Low Bun, or Low Ponytail..

Boys: Please make sure hair is neat. Hairspray or Gel is recommended


Your dancer should have received their costume during class in April/May. Each class has a different costume. Please double check with your child that they received their costume. Please keep their costume in a safe place until their performance to make sure it does not get lost or damaged.


When to arrive at the theatre

Dancers should arrive 30-60 minutes before the start time of their show. Performers will enter through the side door, check in, and then head straight to the backstage area and dressing rooms.


PARENTS: If you have tickets to the show, your child will stay backstage until the end of the show. If you do not get tickets to any of the shows, you are welcome to pick your child up after their dance routine has performed. Younger dancers will need to be signed out backstage by a parent/guardian when leaving the theatre.

What To Expect

All Classes will be performing a 1:30-2:30 minute routine on stage. Each class performs to a different song and has their own costume. Dancers who are in multiple routines will be able to change in our backstage dressing rooms. Parents are allowed in the dressing rooms to help their child change, but they are not allowed in the backstage wing area (side of stage) when the dancers are performing.


Tickets will be sold ONLINE ONLY. Any leftover tickets will be sold at the door on the day of the show. You MUST purchase a ticket if you plan on sitting in a seat.. Tickets are assigned seating.  Tickets will go on sale one month before the show.  Ticket prices range from $10 - $30 depending on the show and location of your seat. Watch for announcements, and please know that our shows typically SELL OUT.  Purchasing tickets when they go on sale is HIGHLY recommended. Tickets are sold through a 3rd party ticketing company, so we are not responsible for any mis-purchased tickets.  All refunds/exchanges must be done through the ticketing company.

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